Welcome to HGSS website !

A warm welcome to all HGEN students!

Right now you should be preparing for Orientation and crossing fingers for the award lottery. Here is some quick links about HGSS :

  • The Google calendar with upcoming events will be updated all year long. Feel free to import it into your personal calendar.
  • The RSS flux of the website if you’re into that kind of things. Posts are usually about upcoming events or when new photos are uploaded.
  • HGSS Facebook group.
  • HGSS Twitter account. Honestly, not very active but it might change.
  • The Exec team and Site Reps information if you have any question.

During Orientation, Renata will introduce the website gathering all the information you need for your success… here it is https://www.mcgill.ca/firstyear/graduate-postdoctoral/resources-success.



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