A Message From Basic Science Teaching Space Working Group

Hi There!


Do you have any thoughts about the classrooms and teaching spaces you use here at McGill? Would you like to have a say in how things could be changed?


Please take our 5-10 minute survey on teaching spaces in the basic science Departments of the Faculty of Medicine. We want to hear your opinions on what is working well and your proposed solutions to space issues that you believe would enhance your learning!




Your feedback is invaluable and will be used to make a case for improvements to your teaching spaces. Student voices on this subject carry a lot of weight with decision makers! Your participation is extremely important – we want to hear from you to gain a better understanding of the student perspective and know what changes you would like to see here at McGill. Please complete the survey by November 21st!


Thank you for your time,


Dr. Claire Trottier and Dr. Nicole Ventura

Co-Chairs of the Basic Science Teaching Space Working Group

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