Sign up to become a mentor!

Are you a returning HGen student? Do you have ~2hrs/semester in the upcoming year to invest in the HGen community? HGSS needs you!

We are currently looking for volunteers (MSc, PhD; thesis, genetic counselling) to act as mentors for our incoming students. You’ll be paired with a first-year student based on your time preferences and research interests, and be responsible to hold 2 meetings (most likely over Zoom) with your mentee, one at the beginning of the school year and one midway through. We will provide you with starter topics for your first meeting.

We are hoping to recruit 30 mentors this year. If you are interested, please fill out the following application form:

The deadline to apply is Wednesday August 26th.
Please help us spread the word 🙂

– Your 2020-2021 Exec

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