HGSS’ new initiative: HGSS Talks – What I Wish I Knew in Grad School

HGSS is excited to present HGSS Talks! HGSS Talks is a new initiative to allow students to have an open dialogue about the various woes of graduate school. In these get-togethers, we will have a short presentation on a graduate school orientated topic and then have a guided discussion with the hopes of having an engaging dialogue amongst peers. With this, we hope to accomplish increased inclusiveness and sense of community within the Human Genetics Department. 

This week’s discussion will be on “Dealing with failed experiments and projects” on Thursday, January 21st starting at 4:30pm on Zoom. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and log in to vent about all of the experiments that didn’t go as planned. Please check your email inbox for the Zoom meeting link.

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