Announcing Our Lecture/Workshop Series!

We are proud to announce that we will be delivering a series of lectures and workshops to help strengthen bioinformatics and computational biology knowledge in its student body:

Block 1: genomics/epigenomics/transcriptomics

Block 2: proteomics

Block 3: metabolomics

Each block will be headed by a lecture from a leading researcher in the field, followed by introductory level coding/bioinformatics workshops that will help students learn how to conduct similar research.

Our first talk is:

Cancer and brain development at single-cell resolution by Dr. Claudia Kleinmann, at December 6th, 4PM to 5PM (workshop TBA).

An overview of the computational approaches we use in the lab to integrate genome-wide data (genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic) across species and disease models. We use a variety of approaches and a range of datasets, many of which are publicly available. We will discuss how in silico analyses leveraging these resources can save years of experimental work, but can also mislead if methods are applied hastily.

Register and Zoom link in email!

We hope to see you there!

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