Happy New Year, HGSSers!
As discussed at our annual general meeting in November, we have voted to add a new position to the HGSS executive! We are currently recruiting for a new Vice-President of Health and Wellness. If you are passionate about mental and physical well-being and helping ensure your fellow peers have a healthier grad school experience during their degree, AND you are interested in joining the HGSS executive, then this position is the one for you! Details about your respective duties are:

  1. Attend the Graduate Health & Wellness meetings organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  2. Survey HGSS members’ level of health and wellness at least once per year and identify factors that have positive and negative impact on our students’ wellness.
  3. Plan and organize, with the help of the President and Vice President Internal, initiatives and events throughout the academic year that can mediate issues pointed out by the Health & Wellness survey responses.
  4. Coordinate HGSS team(s) within the McGill Intramural Sports Program. This includes registering the team(s), registering students, ensuring there’s a team captain for each team and ensuring that teams are able to play the scheduled matches.

Joining the HGSS executive is a great way to get involved and meet people in the McGill Human Genetics programs. Since there are many positions in the HGSS executive already, your workload as VP H&W will be fulfilling, but will NOT be overwhelming. You will get to work on a team who will support and assist you to make sure your efforts are as successful as possible.
If interested, please contact HGSS President Anjie Ni at, to declare your candidacy! If more than one candidate applies, we will hold a brief by-election via email
. Please have your emails to Anjie by 12:00PM on Friday, January 21st, 2022.

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