MyPath Diversity Board

McGill MyPath is currently initiating a Diversity Board which consists of four sessions and two groups. They had previously promoted the event, but are now looking for additional students interested in joining the groups. If interested, please fill out the registration form. Students can either fill it directly or send an email of interest to:!
There will be two groups, one at 12:00 PM and one at 6:30 PM ET. on Mondays, for four sessions each (of ~50 minutes) as followed:
Session 1: Exploring personality, human essence, and life aspirations.Date: Monday, February 7th
Session 2: Fostering a sense of belonging within academic culture.Date: Monday, February 28th
Session 3: Authentic transformation and experience within academia and society.Date: Monday, March 21st
Session 4: A transformative role and career path beyond university.Date: Monday, April 11th

Group 1 (12:00 PM): 2 students joined; 6more spots open!
Group 2 (6:30 PM): 4 students joined; 4 more spots open!

Anyone is welcome to join! These sessions are 100% confidential, and they’re a safe space for self-expression. Everyone is invited to share whatever they feel comfortable sharing, and to be fully themselves. We kindly ask participants to commit to all four sessions. If you have never heard of myPath yet, we invite you to check out this website: There are quite a few interesting tools and programs for graduate and postdoc students (stay tuned for their upcoming video series and Peer Programs).

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