We are proud to announce our next entry in our series of lectures and workshops to help strengthen bioinformatics and computational biology knowledge in our student body:

Block 1: genomics/epigenomics/transcriptomics

Block 2: proteomics

Block 3: metabolomics

Each block will be headed by a lecture from a leading researcher in the field, followed by an introductory level workshop or resource package that will help students learn how to conduct similar research. Our third talk is:

Linking genomics and proteomics to inform drug discovery by Dr. Sirui Zhou, PhD, Assistant Professor, on March 28th, 4PM (workshop TBA).

High throughput proteomics platforms enable the quantification of thousands of circulating proteins, many of which result from biological processes that directly reflect disease pathogenesis happening in specific tissues. Circulating proteome provides evidence between genome and disease, which has the potential to identify causal disease genes and can be leveraged to pinpoint intervention points or new drug targets for therapies. In this talk we will review major proteomics technologies, recent large studies with the identification of the genetic architecture of circulating proteins, and examples of using these quantitative trait loci (pQTLs) to map causal proteins to diseases. 

Registration and zoom links in email!
About Dr. Sirui Zhou:Sirui Zhou was trained as a PhD in Neurogenetics from the University of Montreal and later worked as a CIHR postdoctoral fellow at the Lady Davis Institute. Her background includes population genetics, genetic epidemiology and complex trait genomics. Her research interest is to leverage large omics data, particularly genomics and proteomics, to identify drug targets for complex disorders in diverse populations.
We hope to see you there!

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