MSc Seminar – Genetics of Salmonella virulence

Alanna is giving her seminar/MRCCT Group Meeting on Monday 1pm in room 501 (Karp Amphitheater, Goodman Cancer Center).

Perspective article about the whole initiative (Front. Microbiolog.)

Salmonella Syst-OMICS project (website)

Let’s learn about bugs: Salmonella (Video 5 mins)

PS: Sometimes the door on Av. des pins is locked and you’d need to band on the door, wait for someone to come in or go around through the Bellini.


PhD Defense – Roles of long non-coding RNAs in Skeletal Muscle Development and Disease

Naghmeh Nikpoor from Dr. Robert Sladek’s group will be defending her PhD on Wednesday October 18th at 3:00pm
in Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building, Room W-315 F

Here is a cool ScienceDirect piece about ncRNA and skeletal muscle regeneration

And a scientific paper on ncRNA as regulators in skeletal muscle and development

PhD Defense – Studying complex traits in the post-GWAS era

Andréanne Morin will defend her PhD research this Friday October 6 at 3pm  in Room N7/1 (Stewart Bio). Her full title is: “Studying complex traits in the post-GWAS era: applications to investigate asthma and allergy-related traits”.

To curb your curiosity until then, here are a few interesting readings:

The Genetics of Asthma and Allergic Disease: A 21st Century Perspective

The Atopic March: Progression from Atopic Dermatitis to Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma