McGill Guidelines for Postdocs

McGill University has dedicated a website for postdocs that can answer many questions regarding administration, funding opportunities, required forms, general administration, events, and finally graduation. There are also guidelines for interruption of studies, for instance maternity or health leave. It also describes a minimum time of study and minimum salary/funding source. Postdocs have the same rights and responsibilities as any other student at McGill. Details can be found here.

The Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS) at McGill also has many resources for postdocs, including which positions are available on the graduate council for postdocs (a way to have the collective voice of postdocs heard). Postdocs have access to services and facilities at the Thompson House, along with the McGill faculty club. As a postdoc, you and your family (if so desired) are included in the PGSS Health and Dental plan. For international postdocs, it is strongly advised that travel insurance is purchased between the period of arriving in Quebec and commencing health coverage here which is effectively the date of postdoc registration.

In addition, the transition to an academic position is something to start seriously considering as a postdoc. This is something which in most cases needs to be deliberately planned out over the course of the program. The McGill Career and Placement Services offers seminars throughout the year on developing a teaching portfolio for academic positions, how to apply to academic positions, and what it is like to become a new professor. For new faculty positions, teaching portfolios are often a required part of the application process. So, for those considering the transition to an academic career, it would be wise to start accumulating some materials related to teaching. This includes a statement on your overall teaching philosophy, what your goals are, and feedback and examples from students and peers on your teaching and presentation abilities.

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