HGSS Constitution pre-2014

Below is HGSS’ Constitution pre-2014

Mission Statement

HGSS exists to provide information for, encourage communication amongst, and help forge relationships between graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, medical residents and faculty interested in the field of Human Genetics.

Membership/Voting Members 

Membership is open to all graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and medical residents registered in the Department of Human Genetics of McGill University.

Executive Positions and Duties 

Duties of Executive Council: 

President (1): The role of the president includes being the principal liaison between staff and students in academic matters, and to organize seasonal events for both graduate students and staff.

Vice President Internal (2): The vice-president internals (2) will assist the President in all areas. In addition the VP Internals will plan social events for HGSS graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and medical residents.

Vice President Academic (1): The vice-president academic will be the student representative on the Graduate Training and Curriculum Committees, and at other ad hoc meetings as required.

Vice President External/Post-Graduate Student Society Representatives (2): The Post-Graduate Student Society representatives will be responsible for attending monthly meetings held at Thomson House.

Vice President Communications (1): The vice-president communication will maintain the HGSS website in collaboration with HGSS executive.

Post-doctoral Fellow Representative (1): The post-doctoral fellow representative will work with HGSS executive to develop new initiatives for post-doctoral fellows in the Human Genetics department.

HGSS Conference Chair (1): Will lead the organization of annual HGSS research conference held in the fall semester.

HGSS Hospital/Site Representatives: HGSS site representatives will work with HGSS executive to advertise seminar, conference and social events.

Graduate students can serve as representatives from the following sites:

  1. Medical Residents
  2. Montreal Children’s Hospital
  3. Montreal General Hospital
  4. Genome Center
  5. Douglas Hospital
  6. Royal Victora Hospital
  7. Jewish General Hospital
  8. Shriner’s Institute
  9. Montreal Neurological Institute
  10. MSc in Genetic Counselling

Executive Term of Office

June 30th through to June 29th the following year.

Voting Procedures

  1. Elections for the executive council for HGSS will take place once every academic year between June 1st and June 30th.
  2. Individuals can express their interest in HGSS executive positions during the Human Genetics Research Day.
  3. Elections will be held online.
  4. In the event of a tie following a vote for singly-occupied (President, VP Academic, VP communications, Post-doctoral
  5. Fellow Representative, Hospital/Site Representatives) and doubly-occupied (VP Internals, VP Externals) HGSS Executive positions, the tie will be settled in a run-off election.

The executive council will have a minimum of one meeting per year.


Before any changes to the HGSS constitution may take place, they must be accepted by a majority of members in an online vote.

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