HGSS Exec Team 2013-2014

Cristiana Cruceanu cristiana.cruceanu@mail.mcgill.ca

cristiana now

My name is Cristiana and I’m a sushi-a-holic. Secondary to my passion for sushi there’s the PhD, which I am completing in the field of psychiatric genetics under the supervision of Dr. Gustavo Turecki and Dr. Guy Rouleau, with a particular focus on susceptibility factors for bipolar disorder. As the HGSS president, my role is pretty broadly

cristiana kid defined as providing support in all things related to our department’s trainees. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. I can be found at the Douglas Research Institute, on the defensive line of our department’s soccer team, at all the fun HGSS events, and, when in doubt, at one of Montreal’s all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants.

Vice-President Communications:
Kayla Morad kayla.morad@mail.mcgill.ca

Kayla Current PhotoI’m a Toronto raised, UWO… “Western University” grad. I’m currently doing my Master’s in the field of bone development/disease at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children (yup.. all the way at the top of the hill!).

kayla kidWhen I’m not at the lab, I’m probably at home watching HBO and baking, or out shopping (a favourite pastime), so if you see me around town don’t be shy to say hello! As VP communication, my job is to keep you guys informed on what’s happening in the department and run this here fine new website, so don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have any photos, ideas or questions about anything, I’ll try my best to help you or direct you to the person who can!

Vice-President Academic:
Juan Pablo Lopez juan.lopez@mail.mcgill.ca

pablo main

As V.P. Academic my role is to represent your best interests as students at the department and faculty level. I joined McGill as a grad student because I came short on my other aspirations as professional ghostbuster and

Pablo kid

mercenary ninja assassin. I’m currently a Ph.D student in Dr Gustavo Turecki’s lab while I PATIENTLY wait (and prepare) for the zombie apocalypse. I’m awannabe travel maven, horror movie specialist, beer practitioner, coffee aficionado and unapologetic award-winner troublemaker.

Vice-Presidents Internal
Emma Brasell emma.brasell@mail.mcgill.ca  

emma adultI’m one of two VP internals in HGSS and our job is to organize social and academic events to bring everyone from our widespread department together and promote a constructive and successful learning environment. And beer. We also promote beer. Responsible amounts of beer (add appropriate disclaimer here).

emma baby

You’ll find me at PT (the Montreal Children’s Hospital), studying at a cafe, or not studying at one of the many bars in Montreal (except for that one time I studied at St Bock’s).  My favourite HGSS event is the ski trip, which I hope will be an annual event from now on!  You can contact us if you have ideas/comments about events or if you have something you want help promoting within the department such as a charity event. I’m looking forward to meeting you’ll throughout the year!

Lundi Ly lundi.ly@mail.mcgill.ca

lundi adultA uOttawa grad, currently completing his Master’s in the field of epigenetics at the Children’s Hospital,

lundi baby

I enjoy spending my time having food and drinks with good friends (I’m still undecided whether the part I really enjoy is the food or the friends), playing just about any sport, and occasionally going on a spontaneous adventure. If you’re ever looking for someone to go out of his comfort zone and make the situation cringeworthy-awkward, I’m your guy!

Vice-Presidents External Affairs:
Nikki Meadows danielle.meadows@mail.mcgill.ca 

nikkinowI spend my days running between my home lab at the MCH (Place Toulon) and the Bellini depending on whether I’m working with animals or tissues for the day. I study how genetic and nutritional deficiencies in a mouse’s folate metabolism affects their immune response to infection; specifically how these mice respond to cerebral malaria. nikkilittleIn my spare time I like to play board games, cook/bake and watch the Baltimore Ravens play football. My job on the HGSS is to act as the liaison between Human Genetics students and the Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS), so if you have questions about PGSS, want to get involved with PGSS or have a problem on campus that you think the PGSS should help address…come find me 🙂

Jennifer Marton jennifer.marton@mail.mcgill.ca

jen adultI work at the Bellini Life Sciences Complex where I use a mouse model to study the genetic determinants underlying susceptibility to viral myocarditis.  I’m from Montreal and love playing sports, picnic-ing, artificial cheese flavour and poop jokes.  As VP external, I (along with Nikki Meadows) represent our department in the PGSS.  Contact me if there is something within PGSS’ mandate that you’d like changed / clarified / addressed etc.  I’m happy to help 🙂



HGSS Site Representatives:

Génome Québec Innovation Center:Andréanne Morin andreanne.morin@mail.mcgill.ca

Jewish General Hospital: Heather Duncan heather.duncan@mail.mcgill.ca

Shriner’s Hospital & Research Institute: Kayla Morad kayla.morad@mail.mcgill.ca

Montreal Children’s Hospital: Renata Bahous renata.bahous@mail.mcgill.ca

Royal Victoria Hospital: Shawn Fayer shawn.fayer@mail.mcgill.ca

Montreal Neurological Institute: Karine Choquet karine.choquet@mail.mcgill.ca

Douglas Hospital: Juan Pablo Lopez juan.lopez@mail.mcgill.ca

Montreal General Hospital: Alison Brebner alison.brebner@mail.mcgill.ca

McGill Life Sciences Complex/Bellini/Goodman Cancer Center: Jennifer Marton jennifer.marton@mail.mcgill.ca

Post-Doc Rep: Claire Lelond claire.leblond2@mail.mcgill.ca

M.Sc. in Genetic Counseling: Sonja Rummell sonja.rummell@mail.mcgill.ca