HGSS Exec Team 2014-2015


Emma Brasell emma.brasell@mail.mcgill.ca

emma adultAs a returning member of HGSS, I’m excited to take on the role of president this year. I look forward to bringing you more academic and social events and representing HGSS in the wider community. (I’m a well-known ice cream junkie, so if you want to get all House of Cards in here, you can straight up buy my vote with gelato).

You’ll find me at PT (the Montreal Children’s Hospital), studying at a cafe, or enjoying post-yoga ramen at Imadake (with added sake bombs for special occasions!). My favourite HGSS event is the ski trip and I’m hoping this will continue to be an annual event.


My job encompasses all things HGSS-related so don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions (or ice cream) and I look forward to meeting you all throughout the year 🙂

 Vice-President Financial Affairs

Renata Bahous renata.bahous@mail.mcgill.ca

Renata Website

I am pursuing my PhD at the Children’s in Dr. Rozen’s lab, looking at how altered folate metabolism can affect brain function and cognitive status.

I quite enjoy spending my time at Irish pubs, baking and being an unquestionable fan of Dr.Who.


As VP finance, my role is to manage the budget for all our events and help plan the HGSS conference, so “Show me the money!” I am also a liaison with PGSS and a proud defender of our awesomeness on council! If you have any questions about PGSS or other do not hesitate to contact me!

Vice-President Academic Affairs

Juan Pablo Lopez juan.lopez@mail.mcgill.ca

pablo main

As V.P. Academic my role is to represent your best interests as students at the department and faculty level. I joined McGill as a grad student because I came short on my other aspirations as professional ghostbuster and mercenary ninja assassin.



I’m currently a Ph.D student in Dr Gustavo Turecki’s lab while I PATIENTLY wait (and prepare) for the zombie apocalypse. I’m awannabe travel maven, horror movie specialist, beer practitioner, coffee aficionado and unapologetic award-winner troublemaker.

Vice-President Internal Affairs

Andreanne Morin andreanne.morin@mail.mcgill.ca


I am a PhD student and the Génome Québec Innovation Centre and I study the role of rare variants in autoimmune and chronic inflammatory complex traits. When I am not working, I like running, reading, hanging with friends at Parc Lafontaine or in a small café. I also LOVE cheese and cats.


Andreanne-avatarAs one of the two Internal VP (along with Lundi), our role is to bring students together by organizing academic and social events (Think food and beer!!). We are open to your suggestions and I am looking forward seeing you to all those wonderful events.

Lundi Ly lundy.ly@mail.mcgill.ca

lundi adult

A uOttawa grad, currently completing his Master’s in the field of epigenetics at the Children’s Hospital, I enjoy spending my time having food and drinks with good friends (I’m still undecided whether the part I really enjoy is the food or the friends), playing just about any sport, and occasionally going on a spontaneous adventure.


If you’re ever looking for someone to go out of his comfort zone and make the situation cringeworthy-awkward, I’m your guy!

Vice-President External Affairs

Jennifer Marton jennifer.marton@mail.mcgill.ca

jen adult

I work at the Bellini Life Sciences Complex where I use a mouse model to study the genetic determinants underlying susceptibility to viral myocarditis.  I’m from Montreal and love playing sports, picnic-ing, artificial cheese flavour and poop jokes.



As VP external, I represent our department in the PGSS.  Contact me if there is something within PGSS’ mandate that you’d like changed / clarified / addressed etc.  I’m happy to help 🙂

Vice-President Communications

Jean Monlong jean.monlong@mail.mcgill.ca

I’m doing my PhD at the Genome Center, despite being one of those biology dullards and a perplexed geneticist who has never harmed a mouse. In essence, I’m a bioinformatician. My role in the HGSS team is to ensure communication between students and us, mainly through the website and social networks. So, if you have any idea for improvements or media to add to the website let me know ! I’ll also be taking photos at the events, so don’t be creeped out.


Other than my love for R and Statistics, I like cinema, playing sport, pretending to play guitar. Montreal also seduced me with its tasty beers, mapple syrup-derived recipes and most of all its street-art, my favorite prey when I go photo-hunting.

Vice-President Postdoctoral Affairs

Claire Leblond claire.leblond2@mail.mcgill.ca

ClaireAs V.P. of Post Doctoral Affairs, my main role is to represent any PostDoctoral fellows in the human genetic department. So if you have any questions or concerns, I will be glad to help you and to ensure that your views will be captured.

You can find me at the Ludmer building (at the end of Peel street) where I’m currently doing my postdoctoral researches under the supervision of Dr. Guy Rouleau. I’m dissecting the genetics factors involved in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and I’m developping a methodology to identify somatic mutations.

claire-avatarI’m addicted to genetics since I’m 13yo, I have double helix earrings and soft animal, my husband is a geneticist and together we named our cat Darwin.

I’m French from France, which means that I have some talents in cooking (I love macaroons) but my English accent is terrible. During my free time, I’m playing for the “promoter” soccer team of McGill, I’m practicing Yoga and I’m a cinema lover.

See also: HGSS Site Representatives

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