HGSS Exec Team 2015-2016


Andreanne Morin andreanne.morin@mail.mcgill.ca

andreanneI am a PhD student and the Génome Québec Innovation Centre and I study the role of rare variants in autoimmune and chronic inflammatory complex traits. When I am not working, I like running, reading, hanging with friends at Parc Lafontaine or in a small café. I also LOVE cheese and cats.

andreanne43I am happy to be back in the HGSS exec, this time as president! My role is pretty wide and relates to most of the things happening to you all department’s trainees. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me! I hope I will meet you all at a social or an academic event sometime this year.


 Vice-President Financial Affairs

Renata Bahous renata.bahous@mail.mcgill.ca

Renata Website

I am pursuing my PhD at the Glen’s in Dr. Rozen’s lab, looking at how altered folate metabolism can affect brain function and cognitive status.

I quite enjoy spending my time at Irish pubs, baking and being an unquestionable fan of Dr.Who.


As VP finance, my role is to manage the budget for all our events and help plan the HGSS conference, so “Show me the money!” I am also a liaison with PGSS and a proud defender of our awesomeness on council! If you have any questions about PGSS or other do not hesitate to contact me!

Vice-President Academic Affairs

Emma Brasell emma.brasell@mail.mcgill.ca

emma adultAs a returning member of HGSS, I’m excited to take on the role of VP Academic Affairs this year. As V.P. Academic my role is to represent your best interests as students at the department and faculty level.

emma137You’ll find me at the Glen’s, studying at a cafe, or enjoying post-yoga ramen at Imadake (with added sake bombs for special occasions!). My favourite HGSS event is the ski trip and I’m hoping this will continue to be an annual event.

Vice-President Internal Affairs

Karine Choquet karine.choquet@mail.mcgill.ca

karineI am a PhD student at the Montreal Neurological Institute and the Lady Davis Institute researching the genetic basis of rare neurological diseases. Apart from lab work, I enjoy hanging out with friends, horseback riding, reading, running and eating chocolate.

Karine416As one of your two VP Internal, my role is to organize fun and interesting social and academic events. If you have any suggestions for potential events, please feel free to contact Patricia and I!

Patricia Goerner-PotVIN patricia.goerner-potvin@mail.mcgill.ca

Trish is a student at McGill in the Human Genetics department.

I’m starting a PhD in the team of Dr. Guillaume Bourque at the McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre. Being one of those “biologists posing as a bioinformatician”, my research consists of improving the detection of non LTR-retrotransposons in NGS data, and understand the impact of polymorphic insertions.

Patricia595Being born and raised in Montreal I know a few special places around the city, be it cultural or cheap delicious food. As your VP Internal, I’d like to share those with you, or go and discover new Montreal treasures. Some of my favourite things, food aside (TACOSSSS), are being outdoors, rowing, dancing, knitting, cats, and any activity where I can jump around and be overly excited. Looking forward to meeting you at the social events and create some fun memories!

Vice-President External Affairs

John Morris john.morris4@mail.mcgill.ca

My Fellojohnw Human Geneticists, my name is John and I am your VP External Affairs. My most important responsibility is to cater to your needs by being your voice at all PGSS council meetings. If you have any questions or concerns about the PGSS and its mandate, then I’d be happy to help!

John573When not attending meetings, you can find me plugging away at the Jewish General Hospital, trying to unravel the complex genetic architecture of osteoporosis for my PhD. I’m also an avid goer of concerts, player of intramural volleyball, hater of cats, and drinker of craft beers!

Vice-President Communications

Jean Monlong jean.monlong@mail.mcgill.ca

I’m doing my PhD at the Genome Center, despite being one of those biology dullards and a perplexed geneticist who has never harmed a mouse. In essence, I’m a bioinformatician. My role in the HGSS team is to ensure communication between students and us, mainly through the website and social networks. So, if you have any idea for improvements or media to add to the website let me know ! I’ll also be taking photos at the events, so don’t be creeped out.

Jean891Other than my love for R and Statistics, I like cinema, playing sport, pretending to play guitar. Montreal also seduced me with its tasty beers, mapple syrup-derived recipes and most of all its street-art, my favorite prey when I go photo-hunting.

Vice-President Postdoctoral Affairs

Vinicius Fava vinicius.medeirosfava@mail.mcgill.ca

viniAs a V.P. of postdoctoral affairs, I will represent a class that sometimes don’t stay long enough to enjoy our activities and workshops. But I will put all my efforts to make sure that the time you will spend at McGill will be worthy and enjoyable.

I am postdoctoral fellow at the McGill program in Infectious Diseases and Immunity in Global Health. I am a geneticist specialized in biostatistics and data analysis. I work under the supervision of Dr. Erwin Schurr. You can find me at the Research Institute building (block E) of the Glen site in the bioinformatics suite; fell free to pass by if you have any questions.

Vini499 I am Brazilian, which means I love futebol (soccer). I also train in martial arts and I am always in for a bunch of different sports activities! In my free time, I like to go to the movies with my beautiful fiancé, playing games, walking with my dog “Godzilla” and drink beers and whiskey with my human genetics fellows!

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