HGSS Exec Team 2019-2020


Caitlin Anderson | caitlin.anderson@mail.mcgill.ca

I am a third year PhD candidate in Dr. René St-Arnaud’s lab at the Shriners Hospital for Children. The main focuses of my project are identifying and characterizing compounds that can aid in bone development and regeneration. When I am not in the lab I am out hiking, skiing or trying new restaurants across the city!

As your President this year I hope to increase communication between the department and the students allowing us to be more engaged in decisions that affect us. One of my main goals this year is to foster a greater sense of community in our department at both a student and faculty level. This year as execs we would like to offer more workshops and are always looking for student feedback for which topics are in demand! If you have a workshop you’d like offered, an idea on how to enhance community engagement, or just want to chat, send me an email!

VP Financial Affairs

Jamie Kim | jamie.kim@mail.mcgill.ca

Hey y’all! I’m an MSc. student in Dr. Danielle Malo’s lab at Bellini Life Science Complex. Our lab is a part of the McGill Research Centre on Complex Traits where I study the underlying genetic mechanisms in susceptibility to Salmonella. In my free time, I love to find the best food in Montreal, going to as many concerts as I can, or watching my fifth straight episode of a really cringe Korean drama.

As VP Financial Affairs, I’ll be keeping track of our budgets and making sure that we can bring as many fun events to HGEN. If you have any suggestions for conference sponsors or other ideas, I’d love to hear from you!

VP Communications

Maryam Tahir | maryam.tahir@mail.mcgil.ca

Hi everyone! My name is Maryam and I am your VP of Communications this year. I am a second year MSc. student and work in Dr. Rima Rozen’s lab at the Glen site (RI-MUHC). My project focuses on the impact of maternal diet and genetic folic acid deficiencies on embryonic development. I enjoy listening to podcasts, making music playlists for every mood, drawing, and hiking (in the Alberta Rockies especially), but not karaoke.

This year, I want to ensure that the student body is updated on each event we have planned. I’m also the Glen Site Representative, so feel free to ask me about the site or any of our events!

VP Academic Affairs

Le Chang | le.chang@mail.mcgill.ca

Hi there! My name is Le Chang and I am your VP of Academic Affairs this year. I am a first year PhD student in Dr. Jianguo (Jeff) Xia’s lab. The focus of my research project is integrating metabolomics and genomics for understanding human disease.

As your VP of Academic Affairs, my main goal this year is to host a successful annual HGSS Conference that will benefit our fellow students.

VP Internal Affairs

Tatiana Lenko | tatiana.lenko@mail.mcgill.ca

Hello! I’m Tatiana Lenko and I’ll be one of your VPs of Internal Affairs for the 2019/2020 academic year. I am an MSc 2 student in the lab of Dr. George Zogopoulos. My work focuses on the functional validation of a candidate pancreatic cancer predisposition gene. My time is split between the GCRC and the Glen, but most of the time you can find me at the GCRC!

My goal for this year is to host some fun social events and informative academic workshops! If you have an idea for a social event or workshop please reach out!

Forough Noohi | forough.noohi@mail.mcgill.ca

Hi all! I’m a PhD Candidate in Dr. Yann Joly’s group at the Genome Centre. I worked on chronological aging in yeast and studied rare neurological diseases during my undergrad and masters. Now, I work on regulatory and policy implications of Genome Editing technologies and Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy.

In my free time I like to paint and draw, hike, and play tennis. My role as VP Internal is to organize academic and social events and activities. We are always eager to learn about new ideas! If you would like to participate in new workshops or have fun in new social events, please let me know!

VP External Affairs

Cal Liao | cal.liao@mail.mcgill.ca

I love karaoke. My name is Cal and currently I’m finishing my MSc 1 and will be fast-tracking to my PhD in September (hopefully). I’m supervised by Dr. Guy Rouleau and Dr. Patrick Dion and currently work at the Irving Ludmer Psychiatry Building. I’m interested in psychiatric and statistical genetics so the probability of me studying a psychiatric disorder is pretty high (haha..). The projects that I’m working on pertain to the identification of essential tremor genetic determinants, and teasing apart the differences between bipolar disorder and schizophrenia at a single-cell resolution.

My job is to act as a bridge between HGSS and the Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS), so feel free to ask any questions. Looking forward to meeting you all!