HGSS Site Reps 2013-2014

Génome Québec Innovation Center:Andréanne Morin andreanne.morin@mail.mcgill.ca

Jewish General Hospital: Heather Duncan heather.duncan@mail.mcgill.ca

Shriner’s Hospital & Research Institute: Kayla Morad kayla.morad@mail.mcgill.ca

Montreal Children’s Hospital: Renata Bahous renata.bahous@mail.mcgill.ca

Royal Victoria Hospital: Shawn Fayer shawn.fayer@mail.mcgill.ca

Montreal Neurological Institute: Karine Choquet karine.choquet@mail.mcgill.ca

M.Sc. in Genetic Counseling: Sonja Rummell sonja.rummell@mail.mcgill.ca

Douglas Hospital: Juan Pablo Lopez juan.lopez@mail.mcgill.ca

Montreal General Hospital: Alison Brebner alison.brebner@mail.mcgill.ca

McGill Life Sciences Complex/Bellini/Goodman Cancer Center: Jennifer Marton jennifer.marton11@gmail.com


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