HGSS Site Reps 2021-2022

McGill University Health Centre/Glen Site

Justine Desrochers | justine.desrochers@mail.mcgill.ca

Hi! My name is Justine and I’m a first-year master’s student at Dr. Engert and Dr. Thanassoulis’ lab at the MUHC/Glen site. Currently, I am using computational analysis to study the effects of a coronary artery disease Genetic Risk Score in various databases. I was born in Montréal, and I grew up in the North shore suburbs of Montréal. In my spare time, you can find me at boxing and kickboxing classes, reading or watching a good murder mystery and trying out new restaurants. My favorite thing to do in Montréal is visit the Botanical Gardens – I always leave there very zen and relaxed.

Jewish General Hospital – Lady Davis Institute

Charlotte Sénéchal | charlotte.senechal@mail.mcgill.ca

Hi! My name is Charlotte, I am from Arlington Massachusetts (near Boston) though I did my undergrad at McGill. I am starting the second year of my Masters and am studying muscle stem cells at Dr. Colin Crist’s laboratory. During my free time, I love to run (mostly walk) up Mount Royal. When the Montreal winter hits I love to ski!

Douglas Mental Health University Institute

Lilit Antonyan | lilit.antonyan@mail.mcgill.ca

Hi! I’m Lilit and I’m a PhD5 student at Dr. Carl Ernst’s lab, at the Douglas Hospital. I’m studying two rare neurodevelopmental diseases using stem cell modelling. I’m from Armenia and I grew up in Mexico. In my free time I like to dance, play sports, learn new circus acrobatics, and buy lots of plants. I also want to seriously start learning French this year! My favourite spot in the city is the Old Port, specifically the docks where you can watch the river flowing.

Shriner’s Hospital for Children

Matthew Tiranardi | matthew.tiranardi@mail.mcgill.ca

Hello everyone! I’m Matthew and I am starting the first year of my master’s degree under the supervision of Dr. Pierre Moffatt at the Shriners Hospital. As part of my research project, I am investigating a potential approach to treat osteogenesis imperfecta type V. I am a Montreal native and did my undergraduate studies in Honours Biochemistry at Concordia University. In the rare instances that I’m not in the lab, I can be found playing board games, learning a new song to play on guitar or baking.

The Neuro

Miranda Medeiros | miranda.medeiros@mail.mcgill.ca

Hello! I’m Miranda and I’m in the first year of my master’s degree in Dr. Guy Rouleau’s lab. I’m a born and raised Montrealer (so I’m very passionate about smoked meat and bagels) and I did my undergrad at McGill in Biochemistry. Currently, I’m using computational methods to study Essential Tremor for my research project. I love listening to podcasts, reading, baking, watching anime, and trying new skincare and haircare hacks in my spare time. If you see my around say “hi!” I’m always able to chat!

Life Sciences

Lysanne Desharnais | lysanne.desharnais@mail.mcgill.ca

Hi everyone! I’m Lysanne, a PhD2 student co-supervised by Dr. Logan Walsh and Dr. Daniela Quail at the Goodman Cancer Institute. I am studying how diet and obesity affect immunotherapy efficacy, which combines my interests in nutrition, immunology and oncology. When I’m not in the lab feeding my mice, you can usually find me wandering around the city listening to a good podcast – I’m always open to some recommendations! I am also a huge reality TV junkie (Big Brother is my fav) and I love to cook and experiment with new vegetarian recipes!

McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre

Evelyn Zavacky | evelyn.zavacky@mail.mcgill.ca

Hi everyone! My name is Evelyn and I am happy to be this year’s site representative for the Genome Centre! I am in year 2 of my Masters researching tumor-associated macrophages in renal cell carcinoma in Dr. Yasser Riazalhosseini’s lab. I moved to Montreal in 2020 with my cat, and have been slowly exploring this beautiful city. I love playing board games, drinking coffee, cuddling with my cat, exploring Montreal, and eating all the bagels I can. Feel free to message me if you want to chat (about anything at all)! I look forward to this upcoming year! 🙂 

Genetic Counselling Program

Valerie Chu | valerie.chu@mail.mcgill.ca

Hello all! My name is Valerie and I’m a 2nd year genetic counselling master’s student at McGill. I’m excited to be the liaison between genetic counselling and human genetics students this year. I’m originally from Vancouver, BC, and moved to Montreal last September to start my studies (and to put my years in French Immersion to good use). I’m very much enjoying this city with all its art, food, and festivals. When I’m not with patients, I can be found hiking, reading, watching movies, getting back into dancing, kickboxing, and skateboarding, and learning new languages.

First-Year Representative

Maria Vittoria Gugliuzza | maria.gugliuzza@mail.mcgill.ca

Hi! I’m Maria Vittoria and I’m from Parma, Italy.

I’ve studied Molecular Biotechnology back in Italy and now I’m starting the first year of my PhD program. My research focuses on regenerative processes in muscle stem cells at Professor Crist’s Lab.

It’s the first time for me in Montréal and I’m very excited to be here, so in my free time I like to explore the city and meet new people. I also like cooking, watching films and learning always something new, that’s why my next challenge is to learn French (hopefully quickly)!

I’m very glad to have the opportunity to be the First-year representative and I’m determined to do my best. I really hope I can help students and organize/participate to many events as well.