Annual General Meeting and Trivia Night 2014

Our very first event of the year will be held next week Thursday September 25th 7pm at Thompson House Ballroom!

We will start at 7pm with our first annual general meeting (AGM) where we will discuss in greater detail the events for the coming year. Here is your chance to give us your opinions on workshops, events, etc..

Following is our awesome annual Trivia Night!!!

Make your own team of up to 6 people, answer all the great questions prepared for you, have fun and get the chance to win prizes!! If you can’t find/fill a team, talk to your site reps or email us and we will assign you a team! NOTE: Only teams of 6 of less will be considered for prize. RSVP to register your team by Tuesday Sept 23 to

Snacks and beverages (beer and wine!!) will be provided but we recommend you have a proper supper beforehand.


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