Ski Trip 2015

Our ski trip this year will be held on Sunday March 15th 2015 at Mont Orford. We will be leaving from the McGill Roddick gates at 8am and be back around 6pm

Day pass: 32$
Rentals: 25$ (includes helmet)
Facebook event there.


You can also get a 1h30 lesson (min 4 people) for 26.50$
However, you can get a free 30 min introduction when we get there (mandatory for beginners)


Please fill this HGSS ski trip form and RSVP by March 9th 2015 at
You can pay one of us, your site reps or Ross by March 9th 2015, no refund after this date.
+1s and non-HGEN are welcome but based on the number of participants priority will be given to HGEN members.

 Photos / Video

** Photos of HGSSians resting in the trip back have been blurred to preserve their anonymity and artistically represent their roaming in the world of dreams. Still they can be removed upon request. **


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