3rd Annual Canadian Human and Statistical Genetics Meeting (CHSGM)

On behalf of the Chair of the Department of Human Genetics and the Graduate Training Committee


At this year’s 3rd Annual Canadian Human and Statistical Genetics Meeting (CHSGM), the Graduate Training Committee covered the cost for well represented McGill, Department of Human Genetics. A total of 43 graduate students were flown out to Victoria, B.C. and needless to say, they did not disappoint.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all participants; however, notably – we would like to highlight the 2014 CHSGM poster winners. With this being said, 4 of the 5 winners were in fact McGill, Human Genetics students.

Outstanding work!


2014 Poster Winners


Fiona Allum (Dr. Grundberg’s Lab)

Novel Next-Generation Capture Sequencing Approach for Targeted Interrogation of Functional Methylomes

Andreanne Morin (Dr. Pastinen’s Lab)

Discovery of Novel Rare Variants Implicated in Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases by Targeted Capture and Next-Generation Sequencing

Kyoko Yuki (Dr. Malo’s Lab)

Identification of Ity15, a novel Salmonella susceptibility locus, using N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) mutagenesis

Cristiana Cruceanu (Dr. Turecki’s Lab)

Transcriptome Sequencing of Postmortem Brains in Bipolar Disorder Implicates Dysregulation of Novel Genes and Non-coding RNAs

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