Beach Day

Thanks Lena for the photos!

We know everyone’s excited about this year’s Beach Day!

So here are the details:

Location: Bois de l’Ile Bizard
Meet-up spot for bus: McGill Gates on Sherbrooke
When: Saturday August 24th at 11:00am we will meet the bus and return by 5:00pm

What the day would include:
Transportation to and fro (the bus will pick us up and drop us off from the Mcgill Gates on Sherbrooke)
BBQ and drink (non-alcoholic) – funded by the HGSS (we’ll be veggie friendly 😉
Sports – throw around a baseball/frisbee/football, pick up soccer using makeshift goals, beach volleyball (I’ll have a net!)
Hiking in the trails with ducks/beavers/herons/owls to look for
Swimming – weather is forecasted at high of 25 with 40% POP (hopefully this sticks)
Guided bird watching tour ($6/person I believe, you’d have to pay yourself if interested)

What the day will not include: Unfortunately at nature
reserves/parks, alcoholic beverages are prohibited. HGSS can therefore not supply or permit you to bring booze.
However, there will always be opportunity to go out afterwards for a beer if you’re not tired from the entire day of fun!

Please e-mail our VP Internals Emma ( and Lundi ( for any other info!


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