Holiday Party 2013



The festive times to celebrate the year are ahead of us and as before, we’d like to kick start the holidays with a big Human Genetics Department bash!

Join us for an evening of drinks, food, music and much more!

Please dress appropriately for a moderately formal event (i.e. wear something fancy!).

1 guest allowed per member of the department (can be friend, family…etc., not necessarily significant other).

Also, Post Docs are indeed VERY welcome as they are also part of our student society

Tickets are limited so get them quickly before we hit capacity; they will be available from your Site Reps or Ross Mackay at $15 per ticket:

Post-doc Rep: Claire Leblond

Genetic Counseling: Sonja Rummell

McGill University-Génome Québec Innovation Center: Andreanne Morin

Jewish General Hospital: Heather Duncan

Shriner’s Hospital & Research Institute: Kayla Morad

Montreal Children’s Hospital: Renata Bahous

Montreal General Hospital: Alison Brebner

Royal Victoria Hospital: Shawn Fayer

Montreal Neuro Institute: Karine Choquet

Life Sciences/Bellini/Goodman: Jenn Marton

Douglas: Juan Pablo Lopez



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