PhD Seminar – Impact of Folate and Homocysteine on the Brain

Tomorrow, January 31rst at 16h, Renata Bahous will be presenting her PhD Seminar titled: “Impact of folate and homocysteine metabolism disturbances on brain function“. Renata is a PhD candidate in the lab of Dr. Rima Rozen. The seminar will be at the GLEN site Room EM1.3509. 

See you guys there!


PhD Seminar – Rare neurological disorders in French-Candians

Tomorrow at 16h, Karine Choquet will present her PhD seminar entitled: “Genome-wide approaches to investigate rare neurological disorders in French Canadians”. Karine is a PhD candidate co-supervised by Drs Bernard Brais and Claudia Kleinman. The seminar will be held in Strathcona W-315F.

See you guys there!

PhD Seminar – Cell Polarity in Retinal Axon Guidance

On Wednesday January 17 at 4pm, Vicki Leung will be presenting her PhD seminar entitled: “The role of the planar cell polarity protein Vangl2 in retinal axon guidance”. Vicki is a PhD candidate in the lab of Dr. Philippe Gros. The seminar  will be held at Strathcona W-315F 

See you all there! And apologies to the December presentations that didn’t get publicized through our website. Hope your presentations all went great!

PhD Seminar – Nonsense suppressor therapy of cystinosis

Tomorrow, November 24 at 4pm, Emma Brasell will be presenting her PhD seminar title: “Nonsense suppressor therapy of cystinosis”. Emma has been working in the lab of Dr. Paul Goodyer at the GLEN site. The Seminar will be held at the GLEN Room M0.2225. Someone from the lab will be waiting for attendees from 3:45 – 3:55 at the doors of the E block.

NIH website on cystinosis

F Emma et al International consensus document

PhD Seminar – Exome Sequencing and Personalized Medicine

Tomorrow, November 22 at 4pm. Najmeh Alirezaie will present her PhD Seminar, entitled “Identification of genetic basis of disease using whole-exome sequencing, and application to personalized medicine”. Najmeh is in Dr. Jacek Majewski at the Genome Center. Seminar will be in Strathcona, Room W-315F.

Cool opinion paper about 1 person trials

2016 review on exome sequencing progress

M.Sc. Seminar – iPSC model of Kleefstra syndrome

Tomorrow, November 15th – 4pm, Karla Manzano Vargas will present her M.Sc. Seminar titled: “Human-induced pluripotent stem cells models of Kleefstra syndrome”. Karla is a masters student at the Neuro in the lab of Dr. Carl Ernst.
The seminar will be in Strathcona W-315F

NIH Kleefstra web page

There is also a yearly Awareness Day
Where they celebrate their kids with adorable videos 🙂

A Message From Basic Science Teaching Space Working Group

Hi There!


Do you have any thoughts about the classrooms and teaching spaces you use here at McGill? Would you like to have a say in how things could be changed?


Please take our 5-10 minute survey on teaching spaces in the basic science Departments of the Faculty of Medicine. We want to hear your opinions on what is working well and your proposed solutions to space issues that you believe would enhance your learning!


Your feedback is invaluable and will be used to make a case for improvements to your teaching spaces. Student voices on this subject carry a lot of weight with decision makers! Your participation is extremely important – we want to hear from you to gain a better understanding of the student perspective and know what changes you would like to see here at McGill. Please complete the survey by November 21st!


Thank you for your time,


Dr. Claire Trottier and Dr. Nicole Ventura

Co-Chairs of the Basic Science Teaching Space Working Group

M.Sc. Seminar – Compaction and E-cadherin study in Embryonic Mouse

Deepak Saini, a student of Dr. Yamanaka, will be presenting his Master’s Seminar on November 08 at 4pm in Strathcona Room W-315F.
The title of his master is: “Identification of molecular changes during compaction and possible non-canonical functions of E-cadherin in the early preimplantation mouse embryo“.

Video of embryo compaction
Role of E-cadherin in morula compaction