Peer Review Network

What HGSS Peer Review Network?

Senior PhD students and PostDocs will read your committee reports, abstracts etc. and provide scientific feedback or proof-reading.

How to submit documents?

Email your drafts to and specify if you would like scientific feedback, proof-reading, or both. Your document will be assigned to two volunteers, with at least one having experience in a field similar to yours (e.g. if you work on bioinformatics, we will have at least one volunteer that understands bioinformatic principles to review your work). Expect a minimum of 1 week for review of your document (we are busy students too!) and remember to save some time to make any changes that you like from our suggestions.
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What sort of feedback will I get?

The reviewers will highlight any parts that are unclear, sections that need more explanation, or sections that are maybe too detailed and could be cut back. They will offer scientific suggestions that you can choose to follow up on if you like the idea. Proof-reading (spelling, grammar, punctuation) can also be requested, in which case you will get corrections without scientific feedback.


We are providing you with suggestions that we, as experienced members of HGEN, think will improve your document. However, what goes into your final document is completely your responsibility. You should also have your supervisor read your work, but we understand that not everyone has experience with scientific writing and it may take a few drafts before you get a version that you are happy to submit to your supervisor (who probably doesn’t have time to read 5 different version of your report!). This is where we come in!


All volunteers have been told that it is strictly forbidden to discuss the content or quality of your work with others and will not make remarks about it to you in front of other people unless you instigate the conversation. Your documents will be kept in the google drive of the PRN email account and not by the individuals themselves. We will keep the document for 2 months, in case you come back to us with questions or comments, then it will be deleted. If you would like it deleted sooner, simply sent an email requesting deletion.

Please email, if you have any questions or to submit documents.


You can also contact us if you are a PostDoc or PhD student who has completed their QE and you would like to volunteer as a reviewer.