Python Workshop

This hands-on workshop will teach the basics of Python. It will be particularly useful if you are taking HGEN661 this winter. 

It will take place on Tuesday, January 10th, from 2 pm to 5pm in room N4/17 (Stewart Bio).

Before the workshop

Dominic plans to go through examples on a Jupyter (formerly IPython) notebook, which is essentially Python running in a web browser. To prepare, you should set this up yourself so you can follow along. Bring your own laptop if you can, since then you’ll have everything installed for later. Instructions are at

Note that this install uses the Anaconda scientific python distribution, which we highly recommend. It includes all the high-performance modules you’re likely to need for your own research, and just generally makes life simpler. If you don’t have a laptop you can bring, we’ll try to set up a few computers in the room ahead of time.

Let us know if you have any issues with the install.