R & Bioconductor: Workshop Series

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HGSS Workshop Series: R & Bioconductor

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We are very proud to announce our first workshops in the HGSS Workshop Series!

Workshop 1: Introduction to R (9.30am-5pm Monday, 21st October in Stewart Biology Building, computer suite N4/17)

Tired of relying on bioinformaticians? R is the perfect environment to easily explore your data and do all the analyses and checks you’ve always dreamed of! In this workshop, we will work through the basics of R and build the foundations of your upcoming bioinformatics experience. Hands on session for R beginners.

Workshop 2: Bioinformatics with R/Bioconductor (9.30am-5pm Monday, 28th October in Stewart Biology Building, computer suite N4/17)

Need to be more efficient with R? In this workshop, we will work to improve your R skills following bioinformatic principles. You will learn how to explore your data in depth and go bias-hunting, how to find and use the package you need, how to automate your analysis for convenience and reproducibility, and how to handle large data sets. Hands-on session for intermediate R users.

You can register for one or both workshops. If you are an R beginner, completion of workshop 1 (the whole day!) should allow you to continue on to workshop 2, if you wish to do so.

Handouts and electronic copies of all materials will be included.


We would like to thank Jean Monlong and Simon Papillon for organizing and teaching this workshop.

The schedule for both workshops is as follows:

9.30am-12pm SESSION 1

12pm – 1pm lunch (not provided)

1pm – 3pm SESSION 2

3pm – 3.30pm refreshments provided

3.30pm – 5pm SESSION 3

To register, please email hgssmcgill@gmail.com with your name and which workshops you’d like to attend.

Spaces are limited and you must be on time! we will not hold up the workshop to repeat exercises for late-comers.

We’re looking forward to kicking off this workshop series and hope we can offer useful and interesting topics to as many HGEN students as possible! If you have any further questions, email us at hgssmcgill@gmail.com.


HGSS Exec.

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