Qualifying Exam Prep Workshop

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Are you thinking about or preparing for your Qualifying Exam? Are you confused about what/how to study?  What forms to fill out? What to write in your report? How much stress is too much stress!!? Then the HGSS has the event for you!

What: Qualifying Exam Prep Workshop

When: Thursday, December 5th

What time: 6pm

Where: Stewart Bio, room W4/12

In a round-table discussion format, you will have the opportunity to talk to other students about how they prepared and what their experiences were like. You will be able to ask any question you may have, big or small. There will be panelists discussing rules as they apply to the Human Genetics Department, and addressing the different QE scenarios: (1) MSc to PhD transfer; (2) Direct entry PhD with no MSc; (3) Direct entry PhD with MSc from another university.

Please let us know by email at hgssmcgill@gmail.com or on Facebook if you plan to attend or by leaving a reply below.


The HGSS Exec


We would like to thank Dr. Aimee Ryan , Juan Pablo Lopez, Jennifer Marton, Murielle Akpa and Mihaela Pupavac for their contribution. We also thank Cristiana Cruceanu for organizing and chairing this workshop.

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