We are kicking off Summer 2022 with 3 new Health & Wellness (H&W) initiatives!

1.            Biweekly Health and Wellness Announcements

2.            Anonymous suggestion/feedback box

3.            Monthly Mont Royal Hikes – first one is May 12th at 5:30 PM

Biweekly Health and Wellness Announcements

One of our chief goals with the Health and Wellness component of HGSS is to foster a healthier grad school experience for HGSS students. We will be sharing resources/educative material through our bi-weekly H&W announcements. We will also create low stakes and easy-going activities that will allow students to connect with each other and take a break from their academic life.

We want to be able to quickly plan these activities and carry them out when inspiration strikes! So, starting the month of May, we will be sending out biweekly health and wellness emails to announce upcoming activities and initiatives. Hopefully, this will offer us a way to engage you, while also being flexible to any new ideas!

Anonymous suggestion/feedback box (link in email)

Secondly, as a part of our Health and Wellness initiative, we promised to set up an anonymous suggestion/feedback box.  We recognize that some people will feel more comfortable expressing their concerns, suggestions, or constructive criticisms in a low-pressure environment. We encourage to share your thoughts with us about what we can do better, areas we are not providing enough attention to, and more. We will try our very best to read every single submission and give it the appropriate consideration it deserves. 

Monthly Mont Royal Hikes (registration link in email)

Starting May, we will be organizing a hike/walk up Mont Royal together. This activity is simply designed to allow us to spend more time together while pursuing exercise in an easy-going setting.  We aim to host this event on the first Thursday of every month. However, we will adjust if the weather is bad or there are major conflicting events.

First HGSS Mont-Royal Hike: Thursday May 12th at 5:30 PM.

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