Come get your tickets !

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Just a reminder that the Holiday Party tickets are available !

To find your site reps:

Genetic Counseling Rep: Charity Abanico
McGill U-Génome QI Center Rep: Fiona McAllum
Jewish General Hospital Rep: John Morris
Shriner’s Hospital & Research Institute Rep: Julie Ann Miller Ahmad
Montreal General: Charity Abanico
Miller Montreal Children’s Hospital Rep: Sonya Rae
Montreal Neuro Institute: Karine Choquet
Life Sciences/Bellini/Goodman – Jenn Marton
Post-doc rep – Vinicius Fava
Douglas rep – Juan Pablo

Also the deadline for the qPCR workshop 3.0 is tomorrow.

HGSS execs

Learn Python !

Hello all,

You’re still on time to subscribe to the Introduction to Python workshop. Because you don’t want to always ask someone to reformat or analyze your files and you don’t want to be restrained by Excell capacities, you want to be able to do anything and do it yourself. This is definitely a skill you (will) need and Python is the perfect tool for this.

So go ahead and check the details there. Also if you’re coming you might want to have a look at the nice interactive tutorial on CodeAcademy. Then you can come with questions and some background.



Week’s events

Hi all,

I know many of you are polishing their funding application, but once you’re done with FRSQ/CIHR, or if you are not Canadian, remember what Pablo said “be greedy” and “be creative”. So for those who missed the Funding Information session you can find the link to the slides and table in the page or directly there.

Then don’t forget the events of the week, you can still sign up until tomorrow for the qPCR workshop and the Short Course in the Art & Science of Beer.


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