Senior Seminar

Every PhD student is required to give a 30-45 min presentation which is open to the public. This generally comes once you’ve pretty much finished your experiments and are ready to write up. As I said, some people use this as their last SC meeting where, after the presentation, they meet with their committee behind closed doors to discuss whether you are really ready to be done. Others though, wait until they are REALLY done all experiments and present while writing, to kind of prepare for the defense. You organize the date, time and place with help from the department secretary. Mostly they take place in Stewart Biology and lots of times, the department secretary will order up some snacks. The secretary will also advertise your seminar to the McGill community. Don’t feel disappointed if there’s not a huge crowd, though. You will prepare a PowerPoint presentation with all your data, like you would present at a scientific meeting. There will be questions afterwards. During your time at McGill, make an effort to go to other people’s senior seminars, especially if their work is related to yours. This way, you know what to expect and you’ll learn some new things.

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